How outsourcing marketing works to your benefit

The world of self storage is constantly changing. Between the ever-expanding list of competitors and the fast-paced impact of quality digital marketing tactics, it can be easy for your self storage business to get left behind in the digital dust.   

If you are interested in upgrading your digital marketing strategy, there are a few tricks of the trade you can implement to help ensure a successful return on investment. Below, we look at the top do’s and don’ts of self storage marketing to help you thrive.  

Don’t lose focus 

It can be easy to get lost in the hubbub of a social media frenzy and try to target everyone, but this will likely result in wasted effort. A vital step when planning your marketing strategy is to never lose focus on who your target demographic is. If you are promoting a self storage facility in a bustling student city, Instagram – and perhaps TikTok – are excellent resources. However, if your facility is more country-based with an older demographic, Instagram is not your solution. Don’t lose focus on who you are targeting and why.  

Do optimise Google my business 

Google is every person’s first choice, regardless of age. Need directions, restaurant reviews or the latest news? You’re going to Google it. Potential customers interested in a self storage solution nearby will likely google ‘self storage’ and a specific area. That is why you need to ensure that your business can be easily found in the free Google My Business (GMB) listing.   

Don’t forget the customer journey 

Once you have successfully built a list of long-term self storage customers, it can be easy to forget the journey new potential customers will take to find you. Is your home page effective with functional links? How many dropdowns will a new customer go through before finding the relevant information? Walk yourself through the process as a new customer and highlight any issues you come across.  

Do track your data 

Digital marketing has moved from taking a shot in the digital dark to taking expertly targeted shots designed to hit more than one moving target. By implementing trackable digital marketing strategies, you can effectively analyse the data collected and make informed decisions about how to distribute your marketing budget in a way that yields worthwhile results. Analysing reports may be tiring, but data is your best friend! 

Do keep updating your website 

While not exclusive to self storage marketing, you should continuously update your website. This will ensure that every aspect works properly for new clients visiting your site for the first time, potentially leading to a higher conversion rate. Additionally, updates also ensure that you keep your pricing and services up to date and keep up with the latest website trends and plugins to keep your site running optimally for new and existing customers.  

From driving conversions to creating demographic-focused campaigns, the do’s and don’ts of self storage marketing can mean the difference between success and failure. At Digital First, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality self storage digital marketing services to help your business thrive in a competitive market. With a wide range of services, including strategic consulting, blogging, social media management and more, we take the pressure of digital marketing off your shoulders. Contact us to find out more or get a free online audit today.   

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