Platforms your self storage company should be on and why

Today, it’s not about who you know but where you are. 

As the digital world grows, having a strong presence on certain platforms is essential to standing out and gaining a reputation as a facility people can trust and rely on. Here are a few online platforms your facility should be on to succeed. 

1. WhatsApp for Business

A great communication tool that allows customers to enquire, ask questions or simply chat.  

2.  Instagram

While it’s been around for a while, this ever-evolving social media platform is a fantastic space to share rich content, company updates and keep up with local trends. Instagram reels is also a great way to share video content with your audience.

3. Facebook

Facebook is a key way for businesses to communicate with their customers and keep them in the loop. 

4. Google Business Profile

As our very own online directory, having a presence here will help customers find, review and research your business with ease. 

5. TikTok

The (not so) new kid on the web, TikTok has quickly gained popularity as a trending and fun way for businesses to connect with their customers using quality video content. 

Which platforms are you embracing?

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