Case Study - Independent operator in Midlands, UK

Following a comprehensive onboarding process from a previous agency, our immediate focus was to correct Google analytics conversion tracking in order to accurately manage and improve the client’s enquiry tracking system. At the same time, we launched geotargeted advertising, social media and SEO campaigns which created immediate demand. Despite being in a decentralised location, monthly enquiries notably began to increase.

By geotargeting specific nodes, new audiences were attracted which resulted in a not only an increase in enquiries, but a reduction in cost per enquiry.

Comprehensive onboarding and refinement of current campaigns
Increased monthly enquiries by 198%
Incorporated Google Analytics conversion tracking
Increased organic enquiries by 162%
Reduced cost per enquiry by 44%
Launched geotargeted advertising, social media and SEO campaigns
Increased Google Ads enquiries by 130%