Case Study - Independent multi-store operator in London, UK

With a multi-store London portfolio in zone 1 and zone 2, the client had to compete with REIT sized competition. By initiating a strategic search engine optimisation campaign, we immediately improved an historically underperforming website to significantly increase enquiry levels. A bespoke geotargeted advertising campaign ensured a distribution of enquiries for stores in the same region competing for the same audience.

By geotargeting specific nodes, new audiences were attracted which resulted in a not only an increase in enquiries, but a reduction in cost per enquiry.

Created significant demand to compete with REIT sized competition
Increased monthly conversion rate by 189%
Bespoke geotargeted advertising campaigns
Increased all website conversions by 93%
Reduced cost per acquisition by 63%
Initiated strategic SEO campaigns
Increased Google Ads enquiries by 263%