In-house Copywriter vs Agency: What You Need To Know

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Finding the right copywriter for your business is a lot like the tale of Cinderella – the right fit can make all the difference. When it comes to finding a copywriter, you can opt to hire a full-time in-house copywriter who will work closely with your team to create content for your website and other marketing materials. Alternatively, you can work with an external agency that specialises in copywriting services. To help prevent your copywriter from turning into a pumpkin at midnight, we break down the main differences and benefits of in-house and agency writers.


Hiring a single in-house copywriter to cover all of your copy and marketing needs may be a cost-effective solution initially. However, depending on your content needs, the technical skill of your writer, and your business growth, you may need to hire more than one, which can quickly become expensive.

Agency copywriters are assumed to be expensive, but this is a myth, as agencies often offer top-quality services at a lower rate. You will also typically have access to the skills of more than one writer for the same fee. Finally, you can discuss paying for agency copywriting services only if and when you need them, making it significantly more cost-effective than one or more full-time salaries.

Skill level

An in-house copywriter will likely have a deep understanding of your business and the industry as a whole, allowing them to write niche content. The downside of using a niche writer is that as your business grows, they may not be able to adapt to your new marketing needs.

Agency copywriters are well-versed in writing compelling copy across a wide range of industries and marketing needs. This ensures that regardless of which direction your business goes, an agency copywriter will have no problem changing tactics to match and continue providing content tailored specifically to your target audience.

Overall impact

Hiring an in-house copywriter ensures that you get just that – a single writer capable of writing quality content. However, successful marketing is a team sport that requires a range of skills to guarantee a handsome return on investment.

A distinct benefit of working with a copywriter from a digital marketing agency is that their services often form part of a marketing package which includes the expertise and services of others. This can include an SEO specialist (a must!), paid media specialists, social media managers, graphic designers and more. Not only will you receive top-quality content, but your business can also benefit from an overall marketing upgrade that costs less than a full-time salary for a single employee.

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