How To Connect To Customers Through Storytelling

Reading a good story often plays with peoples’ emotions, embedding the tale in their minds either because of how much it touched them or how well they could personally relate to it. This is why incorporating storytelling into your blog content is a must. It draws potential customers in, engages them and compels them to act. To help get you started, we look at how you can connect to your customers through storytelling.

Understanding ‘why’

People won’t fully buy into your idea, product, or service until they understand the WHY behind it. In other words, why should your product or service matter to your customers? This phase initiates their emotions, can shift their understanding of your product or service, and persuade them to act. Always ask why this content matters.

Paint a picture

A key element of storytelling is to use descriptive writing to paint a vivid picture of the situation. Instead of simply telling a potential customer that a self storage unit can protect their items during a renovation, use descriptive language to paint a picture of their favourite items getting ruined due to falling debris, paint splatters and packed dust. This is your chance to define a win-win vs lose-lose situation and promote your solution.

Defining your brands value, mission and vision to overcome resistance

Included in any of your company’s blogs, social media posts, or webpage copy should be your business value proposition, mission statement and vision statement, and should be communicated clearly in the storytelling. This can alleviate your customers’ fears and prove how your brand can solve their various storage problems.

Create a bond between your business and the customer

As one of the top three content types for optimal engagement, blogs are the perfect place to build a bond between your brand and potential customers. It’s the space to show consumers that you understand what they’re going through, address their pain points and offer solutions without it being a hard sales pitch.

With all this new information, it’s time for you to start incorporating storytelling as a marketing tool to create strong ties and turn consumers into customers who are loyal to your brand. If storytelling is not exactly your forte, worry not. At Digital First, we offer a range of expert digital marketing services from SEO and PPC experts to content creators and social media gurus to create compelling content. Contact us now for more information or visit our website to claim a free audit.

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